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ORBS, or Omaha Research Beyond the Supernatural, was founded in 2007. Through our investigations, we hope to bring a better understanding of the unknown.
With open minds, we use scientific procedures, professional equipment, and various methods of documentation including written, visual, and audio evidence to conduct investigations. We realize that many "hauntings" or "paranormal" experiences can have alternate explanations and don't automatically assume all evidence proves a haunting exists.
We are open to investigations at private homes and businesses upon request, and we never charge for our services. Confindentiality is a high priority for us, we will not release any information, including pictures and video, of our investigation of your home or business, without your permission.
Take a moment, view the evidence. You decide. Is it real? Is there another explanation?


Although the name of our group contains the paranormal phenomena, ORBS, we would like to explain our philosphy on the matter. Orbs are very controversial because in photos and on video so many things can appear to be orbs. Orbs are little balls of light or energy and many people think that they may be signs of spirit energy or that a spirit is trying to manifest or make itself known.
However, dust, bugs, and many other things may appear very impressive on film, and therefore orbs must be treated with caution as evidence.
We do not promote nor denouce orbs as paranormal, but take each photo on an individual basis and take the surroundings and environment into consideration when inspecting photos.

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